Psychic Channel, Spiritual Teacher, Earth Medicine Facilitator

“You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.”. – Neville Goddard.

A mystic, a mother, a teacher. This is work we are called to do, that is embedded within the fabric of our soul. As a healer/facilitator it is my absolute definition to create an atmosphere for you to be open, raw, vulnerable. An atmosphere that will provide total alchemization of all your deep seeded beliefs and fears. A place where you can be honest with yourself and where you are. A place where you can explore your imagination of what your life could be- and how we can get you there. 

I'm Annelle

hey gorgeous!

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When you lose touch with your Spirit, it shows.

About 8 years ago spirit initiated me into this work with two auspicious happenings. The first was becoming a mother, the second was suddenly losing a friend in a car accident. At the time I was very poor, in an extremely volatile relationship, and struggling with depression and substance abuse. I felt so stuck, so withdrawn, so disconnected from who and what I truly was. I remember just looking at my little baby and knowing she deserved the whole world, that she deserved me to be better and do better and show her that it's all possible. 
The last time I spoke to my friend he asked me softly, "Are you happy? Because that's all that matters you know."
There began my pursuit of happiness. My ever-evolving journey of 'who am I' and what the fuck am I doing here.  
 I can enduringly say(through this work), I've cultivated a healthy and peaceful home with my daughters, a beautiful partnership, a career that is in total alignment with my soul-purpose, and have healed my relationship with substance abuse and harnessed one with plant medicine.
This work brought me here. This deep, unrefined connection to spirit and to purposefulness has saved me. And I will share it with as many people as I can for as long as I live. 

What you seek is seeking you.

the Philosophy

Every single soul has a mission, a purpose, a path that they chose to walk on this plane. Every circumstance, situation, trauma, residency, relationship, conversation, and human that crossed your path has molded you into who you are today. But, to "transcend" (so to speak), the matrix is to know why you chose those exact conditions. Those perspectives are meant to bring you greatness, evolution, alchemization.
You are here to weather the storm, to feel the rain, hear the thunder, see the lightening, and then witness the rainbow after it all.
It all has meaning and we are going to find that meaning together. To reconnect you to your mission. To reconnect you to spirit, to consciousness, to your Self.